I am like a god to my cat…

You are not my cat.

What is it my cat sees?

If I can’t see that in you,

I am no god.

Feel free to psychoanalize me

Theres nothing there but what I wanted you to see

Crazy Dave, fabricating, prevaricating

something out of nothing

to hide behind

nothing to hide except what I made.


Erotic, spiritual, grumpy…deliciously dark in places but with redeeming qualities…

This author hits the spot in this short tale…

Budhhism as an internal struggle and women as the metaphor…

An extended form Koan…


Bardo and the bathroom door…

What goes on behind it?

You only know if its you there

Unless you’ve read the book

Instruction manual to the great unknown

How to discard what once was so precious,

Life…..or last nights dinner.


Evil and her sisters work to change the world, save the unenlightened from the candyfloss abyss. Rescue the believers from the illusions they create. Turn atheists to saints, the clergy to hedonists.

What good is there in unrelenting joy and rejoice? When death follows as certainly as birth? No, come to their dark quiet and gain some relief. Candyfloss illusions will surely come to grief.

Naughty little succubi masturbating in the confessional. Do they offer temptation? Or redemption, from tight collared life?

The world needs destruction, it cleanses the dreams, making way for the future, leaves nothing the same. Evil and her sisters, dark forces, without shame.



I want you so bad…yeah I do! Evil and good are so subjective, some destruction is needed to keep the world in balance, so what some see as evil is really good.

I don’t even know why I have this WordPress blog. I don’t like wordpress and I have so many other blogs/sites. But here it is. What should I do with it?




Maybe some Santana?